Meet Carrie | Arizona Breast Cancer Survivor

Arizona Breast Cancer Survivor


Meet Carrie! While Carrie’s story includes her surviving breast cancer and recently getting married, the way the two of us met and got to know each other was through a mutual friend. Carrie and I both experienced the loss of a friend’s mom, Margie, to breast cancer. The loss was a hard one for so many of us. When Carrie was diagnosed, I prayed and asked Margie to watch over Carrie. I couldn’t image a different outcome so close to Margie’s passing. While I know without a doubt that Carrie fought her butt off and kicked cancers butt, my heart tells me she had a very special guardian angel!


Arizona Breast Cancer Survivor


Introduce yourself! When were you diagnosed and what diagnosis?

Hello I’m Carrie I’m an only child and am raising 3 amazing girls! The difficulty in this is my misunderstanding for siblings…..
I was diagnosed age the very young age of 34 October 8, 2016. Stage 11 B-invasive ductual carcinoma -Breast Cancer-!

What has been the greatest challenge for you?

The greatest challenge for me during this journey was some days to be the strongest for my family. My fear was that if I was weak or scared this would allow the fear and cancer to take over. Fear is a funny thing when you give it power.

What have you learned from going through this journey? 

Love can endure all things! My husband loved me through this struggle and honestly loved me even when it was difficult for me to love me! We got married one year after I finished chemo. All I can think of is wow God truly works in amazing ways. 🙏🏻

What advice would you have to anyone who is going through what you are/were going through? 

To remain positive through the darkest of days. Take each day at a time and find something each day that makes you happy. To go back and read my journal during chemo even on the most difficult of days I realize I still remained strong in my faith and positive to see my journey and life after cancer.



Arizona Breast Cancer Survivor Arizona Breast Cancer Survivor Arizona Breast Cancer Survivor

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