Meet Devon! Where to even begin with this incredible woman! She was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma when she was 33 years old. 33! The same age I am now. When her and I met, I immediately loved her and quickly knew that she would be someone who would FOREVER be a special friend in my […]

Meet Britt! When I first met Britt I could tell right away that she was stronger than most people I know. Britt was given a diagnosis that would cause most humans to give up on life. Her strength, determination, and LOVE for living has been such an inspiration to so many. Britt has now undergone […]

Meet Michelle! Michelle and I have a couple great things in common! Both are born and raised Natives of Arizona, and both are Arizona State University Alumni! Go SunDevils!!! I first met Michelle in college and loved her personality and drive. She got¬†married in February 2015 to another ASU alum, and was diagnosed with Breast […]

  Meet Carrie! While Carrie’s story includes her surviving breast cancer and recently getting married, the way the two of us met and got to know each other was through a mutual friend. Carrie and I both experienced the loss of a friend’s mom, Margie, to breast cancer. The loss was a hard one for […]

Meet Tracy! This beautiful woman is so incredibly inspiring!!! Tracy loves being around friends, including her fellow cancer fighters, and enjoys taking pictures of flowers and bees. I met Tracy shortly after I began working in an outpatient chemo clinic and I was blown away with her positivity and determination to kick breast cancers butt! […]

  Meet Teri! No words could describe this fireball spirit, former teacher and Cardinals Cheerleader, women with her beautiful smile and heart of gold! No moment being her nurse was dull, and being her friend…priceless! Her constant determination has been so inspiring!         Teri was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000.¬† […]