Romantic Blush Boho Engagement Session at Starfire Weddings in Scottsdale Arizona

Romantic Blush Boho Engagement Session at Starfire Weddings in Scottsdale Arizona
Romantic Boho Engagement Session

Who says that engagement sessions cant be unique and fun! For Sidney and Breilan, we knew we wanted to do something extra special! You see, Breilan left for a deployment for the military just after their engagement session. The next several months will be hard for these two. Breilan will be serving our country which is so admirable. Sidney will be waiting patiently for her fiancé to come home while planning their Fall 2020 wedding! So knowing the distance and challenges of being away from your loved one for so long, myself and a team of talented vendors wanted to do something special for their Romantic Boho Engagement Session!

The Couple’s Love Story

“Our story began in July of 2011, I was 17 years old, little did I know that I had just met my soulmate, and my forever best friend. 3 months later, Breilan shipped out for boot camp at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, we then decided that we would continue a long distance relationship. We barely knew each other, but something just felt RIGHT. In November of 2012 Breilan deployed too Afghanistan, after being there for under a month he was involved in a firefight in Khandahar, Afghanistan in which he received a Bronze star with Valor.

After deployment, Breilan returned to the US and was stationed in upstate New York, I then realized that I could no longer live without him so I packed up my Honda civic, and off I went! We have been head over heels in love and inseparable since, we moved back too warm, sunny Arizona in 2014 where we decided we wanted to stay forever. We FINALLY got engaged in March of 2017, after he had asked my dad three times for his blessing, THREE TIMES.  Breilan is deploying for the second time to Iraq. Shortly after he returns we will be making it official on 10/10/20!”

Amazing team of Arizona Wedding Vendors

Photography | Ryann Lindsey 

Venue/Triangle | Starfire Weddings

Planning/Design | Your Jubilee

Floral | Form Floral 

Beauty | The Beauty Bar – Allison

Tie | Dazi USA

Custom Sign | Writing on the Walls

Macarons | Ruze Cake House

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