Meet Tracy | Arizona Breast Cancer Fighter

Arizona Breast Cancer Fighter
Meet Tracy! This beautiful woman is so incredibly inspiring!!! Tracy loves being around friends, including her fellow cancer fighters, and enjoys taking pictures of flowers and bees. I met Tracy shortly after I began working in an outpatient chemo clinic and I was blown away with her positivity and determination to kick breast cancers butt! To this day she continues to surprise me with her strength and ability to help others through this journey.
Arizona Breast Cancer Fighter

When were you diagnosed and what diagnosis?

First time in 1995, 34 years old, breast cancer left breast stage 1. Lumpectomy, 6 months of adriamycin, cytoxan and 5fu. 33 treatments of radiation and 5 years of tamoxifen. 2nd time 2009 the same breast cancer in my lungs and on a few bones. Been doing chemo for 9 years and on my 6th chemo drug now. 

What has been the greatest challenge for you?

Staying healthy and strong and maintaining my weight.

What have youlearnedfrom going through this journey? 

#1, you have to have a positive attitude. It is important to have a good relationship with your doctors and nurses. Laughter is the best medicine. Spend time with friends and family.

What advice would you have to anyone who is going through what you are/were going through? 

 See a naturopath doctor that will work with your oncologist to help you stay healthy during treatments. Keep a notebook with questions for your doctor and how you are feeling. 

Laugh as much as you can, ask for help when you need it and stay as positive as you can. 
Arizona Breast Cancer Fighter Arizona Breast Cancer Fighter Arizona Breast Cancer Fighter